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The Lens of Emotions

“We perceive everyone and every situation through the lens of our own emotions.” Ozan Kulcu Have you ever noticed that the same situation can be perceived differently by different people, or even by the same person at different times? This is because our emotional state plays a significant role in how we interpret and perceive…

MYM Podcast – Ep 11 – Solitude

In this episode, Henna and Ozan discuss the importance of solitude, the state of being alone. They investigate how solitude is different from loneliness, what kind of attention is involved in solitude, and how to make place for solitude in busy daily lives or working environments. Listen on Spotify Listen on YouTube Listen on Google…

MYM Podcast – Ep 10 – Hypnosis ft. Begüm Uz

In this episode, Ozan welcomes Begüm Uz, a certified hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner. Begüm tells Ozan her story of finding hypnosis, corrects the misconceptions about hypnosis, and she talks about how the hypnosis actually works, along with the process, types, techniques, and the impact it can have. Listen on Youtube Listen on Spotify Listen on…

‘A Lean Mind’ is out now.

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