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MYM Podcast – Ep 7 – Manifest By Jess ft. Jessica Heslop

In this special episode of Mind Your Mind Podcast, Henna and Ozan welcome Jessica Heslop, founder of Manifest By Jess (Formerly Live the Life You Love) Jess talks about her story of how she build a business that would go on to change millions of people’s lives, how does her meditations have a magical impact,… Read More

MYM Podcast – Ep 6 – Fear

Today’s episode of Mind Your Mind Podcast dives into one of the most common emotion of humans: fear. Ozan and Henna discuss how human evolution influence how we experience fear, how we can observe and understand the meaning behind the emotion, and how we can manage the fear; along with its related feelings such as… Read More

MYM Podcast – Ep 5 – Creativity

Today’s episode of Mind Your Mind Podcast focuses on creavitity. Henna and Ozan investigates how creativity relates to productivity, and how it is achieved. You can reach more information about Ozan’s and Henna’s work using the following links: Ozan’s Website: https://ozankulcu.com/Ozan’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ozan.kulcu/A Lean Mind Book: https://ozankulcu.com/a-lean-mind/ Henna’s Website: https://www.hennamalik.com/Henna’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hennamalik05/Have You Tried Doing… Read More

‘A Lean Mind’ is out now.

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