Ozan Kulcu

‘Purpose’ is the word that led Ozan Kulcu to use his engineering background in the personal development field.  

After earning BSc of Mechanical Engineering in his hometown, Istanbul; he relocated to Budapest to study MSc of Mechanical Engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Being a design and motorsports nerd, he has designed Formula One and NASCAR aerodynamics in his academic projects, before joining a robotic start-up. He went on to design end-of-arm tools for industrial robots that became a market success and led R&D projects. He has since taken the lead in a busbar design team. He used lean methodologies in different areas in his career. He is a Lean Sigma yellow belt.

His purpose of serving the humanity has led him to another area where he has always been interested in.

Ozan has since taken up the intention of inspiring people all over the world, as he believes a collective shift in the mind of humanity is the key factor in further evolution.

Ozan’s purpose is to convince people to be brave enough to listen to their own wisdom. By listening to own wisdom, everyone has the power to be in a state of emotional balance.

This emotional balance will enable people to be calm, open, and peaceful. He believes that the more people will be in such a state, less clashes there will be in the world. And this state of reduced clashes is where the humanity can look further into the real evolution. Real evolution is where we, humanity, advance the technology in a way that it will be used to create a sustainable living space and resources for everyone in the planet, explore further into the space, explore further how the universe works, and live peacefully by acknowledging the one single nation – humanity.