A Lean Mind

‘A Lean Mind’ is available as paperback or ebook version on Amazon Worldwide now!

What is A Lean Mind? A Talk about the Life, the Universe, and the Mind

What if each challenge we are facing can be overcome by managing the emotions?

What if by filtering our minds from noise, we can reach a state of peace, serenity, and bliss?

What if by managing the mind, we can reach its full potential?

The concept of ‘lean’ is something Ozan Kulcu has used intensively in his work as an engineer and he believes that it has enormous power to increase the efficiency.

In ‘A Lean Mind’, Kulcu gives an approach of how the concept of ‘lean’ can transform the mind. When the mind becomes lean, it runs free of each brick attached to it, bricks ranging from harmful core beliefs to useless thoughts. The mind becomes ordered and clean, it runs more efficiently, and it enables us to reach our true potential – one that we never recognized before.

The lean mind is a mind that is free of distraction. It is a mind that filters out the background noise. It is a mind where everything that matters is ordered nicely for us to reach anytime. It is also the mind where we know exactly what emotions and belief patterns we have, and we know exactly how to shift our mental state to use more of its potential.

‘A Lean Mind’ is full of ideas that enable this lean approach to unleash the true potential of the mind. It is a deep dive into our own minds, the universe, and life in general.

‘A Lean Mind’ focuses on:

  • Embracing our position in the universe
  • Seperating what actually matters from noise
  • Recognizing our perception of life
  • Understanding the mind process
  • Digging deep into the emotional zones and emotions and how to shift the mental state
  • Understanding mind-body feedback system
  • Understanding perception in interactions
  • Understanding the lean approach to manage the mind process
  • Becoming aware of the mind and the body
  • Embracing the presence of our soul
  • Understanding the importance of balance in the universe and in the mind

From the Back Cover:

What is the difference between the sunrise of today and the sunrise of tomorrow?

Why does the same sunrise with same shape, size, and warmth give us different feelings sometimes?

What makes the differences each day?

What we feel everytime we see the sunrise depends on what emotions are in the mind at that moment, not at the sunrise. And these emotions make the differences of the day.

The emotional state of mind, linked to certain core beliefs, are the main raw materials of this manufacturing plant called ‘the mind’. They produce thoughts night and day, and eventually lead to actions.

Everything we experience in life is a product of this mind process.
The mind makes the difference between the sunrise of today and sunrise of tomorrow.

We are stuck with our minds for the rest of our lives. Therefore, a mind is worth managing.

A lean mind has the power to transform a sunrise into limitless amount of possibilities. We just need to know how it works and how to improve the processes.

A Lean Mind is a deep dive into how our minds work, how to understand it better, and how to improve the processes to reach a balanced state of mind.

As everything we experience is a product of the mind, this balanced state of mind will unleash the potential of life for us.


‘A Lean Mind’ is available as paperback or ebook version on Amazon Worldwide now!