Happy New Year

In my generation, I do not remember a year that is labelled so negative.

However, it was not 2020 that brought everything down.

It was us.

We, humanity, was so focused on the noise rather than what is important that we failed ourselves.

We were expecting a decade would help us evolve even further by settling in Mars. Yet, we started off teaching each other how to correctly wash hands.

We were so happy to look away from the nature that we didn’t see how much we were burning the earth.

We ignored racism so much that we only realized now how cruel it is.

We admired movie heroes so much that we couldn’t see the real heroes among us, such as the ones in the hospitals.

2020 exposed many areas we were going the wrong way.

2020 was all about awakening.

We learned that unless we change, new year won’t bring anything good.

We are now more aware as humanity.

And 2021 will be all about making things right. It will be the year of healing.

The darkest time is always right before the dawn.

I love the new year’s eve. Not because anything actually changes on January 1st, but our perception of January 1st is a new beginning with a new mindset.

Choose your mindset for 2021.

Happy New Year,