2021 Reading List Suggestions 3

To help you prepare your 2021 reading list, I continue to show my biggest inspirations from this year.

Joe Dispenza’s ‘Becoming Supernatural’ was another book that blew my mind. He blends the mysticism and science in a perfect combination.

Quantum physics has been misused in many personal development books. It has somehow become a buzz word. But, Dispenza digs deep into real quantum physics and connects the dots between the behaviour of the electrons and manifestation perfectly.

Dispenza’s work has given me the confidence to use my engineering knowledge in my book ‘A Lean Mind’, and that led to my favorite chapter of the book ‘All the Things We Don’t Know’.

Below are some quotes from ‘Becoming Supernatural’.

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Image by Viktor Forgacs

„When any neurological tissue in the brain or the body is activated, it creates mind. Consequently, from a neuroscientific understanding, mind is the brain in action.”

From the Book ‘Becoming Supernatural’

Where attention goes, energy flows.”

From the Book ‘Becoming Supernatural’

„Anything that is no longer in a vibrational match between you and your future is going to fall away. Let it. Don’t try to put your old life back together because you’re going to be way too busy with the new destiny you’re calling for yourself.”

From the Book ‘Becoming Supernatural’

„When Einstein introduced the equation E=mc2 in his history of special relativity, for the first time in the history of science he demonstrated from a mathematical standpoint that energy and matter are related. What converts matter to energy is the speed of light – which means anything material travelling faster than the speed of light leaves our three-dimensional reality and turns into immaterial energy.”

From the Book ‘Becoming Supernatural’

„According to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, we never know where the electron is going to appear in the electron cloud, yet from nothing comes something. This is why quantum physics is so exciting and unpredictable: The electron is not always physical matter; rather, it exists as the energy or as the probability of a wave. It is only through the act of observation by an observer that it appears. Once an observer (mind) comes along and looks for it, the act of observation (directed energy) causes all that potential energy to collapse into an electron (matter); thus it manifests from a realm of infinite possibilities (an unknown) to a known.”

From the Book ‘Becoming Supernatural’