MYM Podcast – Ep 10 – Hypnosis ft. Begüm Uz

In this episode, Ozan welcomes Begüm Uz, a certified hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner. Begüm tells Ozan her story of finding hypnosis, corrects the misconceptions about hypnosis, and she talks about how the hypnosis actually works, along with the process, types, techniques, and the impact it can have.

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MYM Podcast – Ep 9 – Stress

In this episode, Henna and Ozan elaborate about one of the most common topics in modern everyday life: stress. They start with the physical definition of the stress, then discuss the possibility of a stress-free life. They talk about the good side of stress, and how to switch on and off the stress for an optimal level of stimulation.



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MYM Podcast – Ep 7 – Manifest By Jess ft. Jessica Heslop

In this special episode of Mind Your Mind Podcast, Henna and Ozan welcome Jessica Heslop, founder of Manifest By Jess (Formerly Live the Life You Love)

Jess talks about her story of how she build a business that would go on to change millions of people’s lives, how does her meditations have a magical impact, and how the law of attraction works.

Do not miss this episode if you want to find out how meditations, affirmations, and visualisations can help you manifest the life that you love.

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MYM Podcast – Ep 6 – Fear

Today’s episode of Mind Your Mind Podcast dives into one of the most common emotion of humans: fear.

Ozan and Henna discuss how human evolution influence how we experience fear, how we can observe and understand the meaning behind the emotion, and how we can manage the fear; along with its related feelings such as anxiety, panic, horror, doubt, and insecurity.

MYM Podcast – Ep 4 – The Present Moment

Today’s episode of Mind Your Mind Podcast focuses on The Present Moment.

Ozan and Henna dives into the fundamentals of time, past, future, and the present moment. They investigate what ‘being in the present’ means, how to be more present, how to improve the quality of the moment, and how to manage time.

MYM Podcast – Ep 3 – Productivity and Creativity

Today’s episode of Mind Your Mind Podcast focuses on two of the most chased concepts in the business life: productivity and creativity.

In this episode, Ozan asks Henna about the ways how doing nothing can boost productivity and creativity, and how we can manage our minds in the busiest times.

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MYM Podcast – Ep 2 – The Mind Process

Today’s episode of Mind Your Mind Podcast focuses on the complex processes the mind has to generate thoughts and actions, and the role of emotions and core beliefs in it.

In this episode of Mind Your Mind Podcast, Ozan discusses his journey of transformation where he discovers the key parameters behind actions and thoughts in the mind by applying engineering approach to it.

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MYM Podcast – Ep 1 – The Art of Doing Nothing

Today’s episode of Mind Your Mind Podcast focuses on nothing… Full of misconceptions and a wasteful meaning, nothing can be one of the most useful practices for the wellbeing.

In this episode, Ozan asks Henna about what nothing is, how to practice it, and the benefits of doing absolutely nothing.

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Image by NASA

“Does the Earth know what humans and all the animals are up to? Does it feel the temperature changes? Does it feel the ice melting? Does it feel some living creatures on it are constantly digging and stealing resources from it? Does it feel the heat of all the energy wasted?

What does the Earth know about itself and about you?

The truth is; we are not that much different than the Earth.

Right now, number of microbial cells in your body is more than the human cells in your body. You have so many living creatures in you. You are the Earth for them.”

From the ‘A Lean Mind’

All the Best,

Everyone Deserves To Breathe

Everyone Deserves To Breathe!

The Covid-19 Pandemic is a global problem. Whatever we do, we cannot turn it into a power struggle that hurts the underpriviledged. All of us have the responsibility to fix where it hurts the most. Right now, The situation in India is very bad, and it needs our urgent attention. Each day, more than 3,000 people are dying with lack of oxygen. That is more than 2 people per minute. There is a big lack of oxygen supply.

Although we cannot turn the situation around so quickly, we can indeed help. I am starting a fundraiser to donate money to supply masks, PPE kits, bed sheets, hand sanitizers, and funds to refill the oxygen cylinders.

I am asking all my friends to help this cause. Even with a small donation, we might just give enough oxygen to save a life. There is absolutely no small help. You might save a life by donating some amount or even by just sharing this.

I am inviting you to be the change you want to see in the world.

Click Here to donate!

All the Best,

Present Moment

The reality as we perceive is nothing further than what we are able to sense in the moment. Everything else is virtual.

This includes the entire past and the projected future.

When we think about anything, we are basically reducing the ratio of aliveness in the moment, sacrificing the moment for the sake of a memory, a plan, or a thought.

This is just a gentle reminder to bring your attention to the moment. Focus on the moment. Listen to your senses. Listen the moment, look around, feel what you touch, feel the sensations, taste the air.

Breathe in the moment.

Just do this now for one minute and see how you feel. If you get distracted by a thought, then simply bring your attention back to the moment.

It might not be possible to ‘be in the moment’ at all times, and this is why I call the concept as the percentage of precence. We are humans, therefore we are supposed to feel emotions and think. We are supposed to remember memories, we are supposed to feel, we are supposed to think about the future. But sometimes, we might just forget to feel the moment.

Feel the moment.

You can read more about the percentage of presence and where the time flows in ‘A Lean Mind’ – Link in Bio.

All the best,

Image by David Gavi