MYM Podcast – Ep 1 – The Art of Doing Nothing

Today’s episode of Mind Your Mind Podcast focuses on nothing… Full of misconceptions and a wasteful meaning, nothing can be one of the most useful practices for the wellbeing.

In this episode, Ozan asks Henna about what nothing is, how to practice it, and the benefits of doing absolutely nothing.

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Sadness vs Joy

Sadness completes joy,
as it makes us realize
what actually gives us joy.

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

Sadness has value.

Do not abuse sadness.

All the emotions are complementary.

Do not be afraid to be sad. Emrace it. Enjoy sadness.

But remember to let it go before it overstays its welcome.

Read more about emotions in ‘A Lean Mind’.

Enjoy all your emotions,

Image by Autumn Mott Rodeheaver

Change the World

“You cannot change the world alone. You also cannot change others. But you can change yourself and inspire others. And this can change the world.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

These were the words that led me to taken on a long journey to go ahead and write my ideas into a book. They made me get up from my bed in the middle of the night to start typing.

And I cannot wait to share these ideas with you.

All the best,

‘A Lean Mind’ is coming soon


I am excited to announce my upcoming project.

My new book ‘A Lean Mind’ is coming soon.

A Lean Mind is a book that strives to challenge the deepest core beliefs and give inspiration.

It acknowledges the ‘lean’ approcah that is widely used in the industry to increase efficiency. What I believe is that the mind has processes. Everything we think and do are manufactured in these mind processes through the emotions and the core beliefs. By implementing lean approach to the mind, we can, indeed, increase the efficiency of it.

I can’t wait to share my ideas about the mind, the universe, and life with you.

Stay tuned,

Hello World

Welcome to my space.

My website and social media pages are created through my purpose that is spreading inspiration and positivity all over the world.

My purpose is to get people to listen to their own wisdom and making self-growth a priority to reach a balanced state of mind.

Through my website and social media, I am going to share my ideas on how to tackle the external challenges through internal mind processes.

An announcement regarding my latest project for this purpose is coming soon.

All the best,