Physical & Beyond

“We live through physical means. That is how we have a human experience. Our power and inspiration, on the other hand, comes from beyond the energy and the matter.’

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

I am engineering nerd at heart, always has been. Since I was a kid, I was crazy about explaining the universe and everything around me in a scientific way. And I was crazy following the latest scientific discovery and exploration.

I see science, religion, and spirituality converge at one point. They are not different ends of a spectrum. They are the whole spectrum, viewed from different angles.

More I get into science, more it proves that there is more than what we see. More I get into religion, more I realize the holy books ask humans to discover and explore more. More I get into spirituality, more I realize that deep consciousness spirit needs to work with the materialistic world.

I love learning about all the religions and views. I have been reading Buddhist texts recently, and one thing that I saw reminded me of these lines from ‘A Lean Mind’. ‘The Middle Way’ is a path where we fully physically exist in the moment, and yet we still experience the deep consciousness of the spirit. Ego runs the body and the mind, but we are aware of our true self beyond ego.

We are humans. We live in a materialistic world, but we feel there is more. The power and the intention comes from something beyond and deeper. But the motion and the action is generated through the body and the mind.

All the Best,

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“Everyone has a side you do not know, just like even you have a side that you do not know yet.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

How excited are you to find out this side of yourself?

Hint: The possibilities are unlimited.

To find out, first step is removing the identifications.

All of them.

Identifications are all the adjectives, names, and qualities we attach to ourselves. They shape our perception of ourselves, and they limit our perception of our true potential. The identity is shaped mostly by comparison to others around us and the society we live in.

The truth is, even you don’t know who you truly are. But not knowing is the beauty of it. The less you know about something, the more possibility the subject has.

The only thing that prevents you to be a different person right now is your identification about yourself that is created and stored in nothing more than your own mind.

Read more about identification in ‘A Lean Mind’.

All the best,

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We cannot stop the thoughts. What we can do instead is redirecting our attention.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

When I talk about the emotions – especially the difficult ones – I get so much backlash. It is quite easy for me to say ‘let go of an emotion’, but how can we really do this?

All in all, you’ll become an open target if you tell people that can easily let go of fear, sadness, anger, and so on…

How can you let go of an emotion? How can you stop the thought chain that is clearly hurting you or blocking your potential?

Well, it is practically impossible to stop any thought. In fact, if you try to suppress or stop a specific thought, you will only think about it more.

The mind doesn’t know the negative language.

The only way to truly let go of a thought is to redirect your attention to something else.

Distracting is, of course, a way. But it is generally temporary. How can you permanently let go of a thought about a topic that is important to you?

You choose that topic, and redirect your attention to another feeling still focusing on the same topic. You give your attention to gratitude, forgiveness, reason, courage, passion, etc.

Letting go is not removing a thought or an emotion. Letting go is replacing the emotion you feel about a specific topic with another emotion.

All the Best,

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“We transform instantly as soon as the purpose speaks louder than the ego.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

Which one speaks louder for you?

Did you find your purpose?

It is a fun trip while search for your purpose, and it is fun to watch how it evolves.

All the best,

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“Bravery cannot manifest in a mind that is too attached to what it has. If you are holding on for something too tight, you cannot reach for anything else.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

We hold on, and we let go.

This is eventually the balance of human experience.

This applies to every topic.

Bravery is the emotion that will move us from comfort zone to power zone.

And its one prequisite is balancing holding on vs letting go.

Read more about bravery & balance in ‘A Lean Mind’.

All the best,

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Interview with Melissa Oatman

Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness with Melissa Oatman / A Lean Mind with Ozan Kulcu


I’m glad to share that I’ve had the privilege to have been interviewed by Melissa Oatman on her amazing podcast ‘Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness’.

I’ve been following her podcast for a while, and she is touching really nice topics on self-help and spirituality. I especially love the space she creates in her conversations, and how much positivity she is spreading. I really suggest you to go check her episodes.

We’ve had a lovely chat about the topic of mind process and the emotions. You can reach the full episode on all podcast platforms now using the links below;

Google Podcasts



You can learn more about Melissa on her website, her Instagram page, or her Facebook group.

All the Best,

Lens of Emotions

“We perceive everyone and every situation through the lens of our own emotions.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

Let’s talk about the Lens of Emotions.

We perceive everything through our senses; practically receiving nothing more than signals of visual, audio, somatosensory, gustatory, olfactory, vestibular, etc. systems. The real sensations and the whole experiences, however, are made by us in our own mind processes.

The state of mind completely affects the whole outcome of the perception. The mind state includes an emotional state linked to specific core beliefs.

Each sense that the mind will receive will be processed through this lens of the emotional state.

The same situation, therefore, can create completely different experiences in different people. To go even further; the same situation can create different experiences in the same person in different times dominated by different emotions.

This is a short explanation of the fact that when you have a dominant emotion at the time, everything that happens to you will trigger more of this emotion. When you are angry, everyone will try to make you angrier. When you are joyful, everything will taste sweeter. The truth is that the actions by people are not that different, but perceived differently by the mind – through the lens of emotions.

All the Best,

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Moment is All

“This moment is all the life we have right now.
Are you willing to live it?
Or would you rather let it pass by?”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

I admit this one sounds like Eminem lyrics.

Still; It is short, obvious and powerful.

Moment is slipping away.

Catch it…

All the Best,

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Control the Mind

“We do control our mind all the time.
It is a matter of how consciously we do it
that defines the quality of our lives.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

Sometimes, it may indeed feel like the mind is taking over us and the emotions start controlling us. Have you been there before? I have.

What is really happening in this situation is that the soul is disillusioned. It thinks it is the mind itself, or the mind controls the soul.

The truth is that the soul controls the mind. When the soul realizes that the mind is nothing more than an abstract manifestation of soul in the universal reality, then the soul is free of the mind’s games.

The soul has the full power over the mind, and the mind is nothing more than an operating system.

When you take a step back and detach yourself from the mind, you can start to use it in the way you decide.

All the Best,


“Growth is nothing more than transforming your imperfections into strengths.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

We humans like to make everything complicated. That is how the self-help has become an industry, hasn’t it?

There is no universal pill to solve all our problems. And growth is a bit more straightforward than we think.

Find your weaknesses. Transform them into strengths.

Plan is simple, process is difficult.

But you are powerful.

Have a powerful day,

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“Each person who has changed the world for good in history are the ones who has managed to use their anger wisely.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

It’s okay to be angry.

Some situations deserve anger.

Anger can burn everyone around including oneself.

It can also revolutionize.

Anger is one of the most powerful emotion. It is the mind’s mechanism of preparing the body for a fight.

However, with great power, comes great responsibility.

By using this anger in a smart way in line with the principles can change the humanity for good.

Do not suppress your anger. Do not give into it.

Use it wisely.

Read ‘A Lean Mind’ for more about Anger.

Use your anger wisely,

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Empty Cup

“It is the long and difficult race that will give us valuable joy. Not the empty cup we get in the end of the race.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

Joy is what we experience on the journey of life, not in the end of any achievement. It is hidden in the challenges and difficulties, not in any kind of perfection.

I love giving racing references to anything as I am an amateur racing driver as well. Racing has considerable depth to it that reflects different aspects of life on-point.

And this one is a tribute to one of my favorite drivers ever, Danica Patrick; for everything she did on and off the track so far.

Read more about the emotion of joy and how it is manifested in ‘A Lean Mind’ – Link in Bio.

All the Best,