Present Moment

The reality as we perceive is nothing further than what we are able to sense in the moment. Everything else is virtual.

This includes the entire past and the projected future.

When we think about anything, we are basically reducing the ratio of aliveness in the moment, sacrificing the moment for the sake of a memory, a plan, or a thought.

This is just a gentle reminder to bring your attention to the moment. Focus on the moment. Listen to your senses. Listen the moment, look around, feel what you touch, feel the sensations, taste the air.

Breathe in the moment.

Just do this now for one minute and see how you feel. If you get distracted by a thought, then simply bring your attention back to the moment.

It might not be possible to ‘be in the moment’ at all times, and this is why I call the concept as the percentage of precence. We are humans, therefore we are supposed to feel emotions and think. We are supposed to remember memories, we are supposed to feel, we are supposed to think about the future. But sometimes, we might just forget to feel the moment.

Feel the moment.

You can read more about the percentage of presence and where the time flows in ‘A Lean Mind’ – Link in Bio.

All the best,

Image by David Gavi