Physical & Beyond

“We live through physical means. That is how we have a human experience. Our power and inspiration, on the other hand, comes from beyond the energy and the matter.’

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

I am engineering nerd at heart, always has been. Since I was a kid, I was crazy about explaining the universe and everything around me in a scientific way. And I was crazy following the latest scientific discovery and exploration.

I see science, religion, and spirituality converge at one point. They are not different ends of a spectrum. They are the whole spectrum, viewed from different angles.

More I get into science, more it proves that there is more than what we see. More I get into religion, more I realize the holy books ask humans to discover and explore more. More I get into spirituality, more I realize that deep consciousness spirit needs to work with the materialistic world.

I love learning about all the religions and views. I have been reading Buddhist texts recently, and one thing that I saw reminded me of these lines from ‘A Lean Mind’. ‘The Middle Way’ is a path where we fully physically exist in the moment, and yet we still experience the deep consciousness of the spirit. Ego runs the body and the mind, but we are aware of our true self beyond ego.

We are humans. We live in a materialistic world, but we feel there is more. The power and the intention comes from something beyond and deeper. But the motion and the action is generated through the body and the mind.

All the Best,

Image by Jared Arango