“Everyone has a side you do not know, just like even you have a side that you do not know yet.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

How excited are you to find out this side of yourself?

Hint: The possibilities are unlimited.

To find out, first step is removing the identifications.

All of them.

Identifications are all the adjectives, names, and qualities we attach to ourselves. They shape our perception of ourselves, and they limit our perception of our true potential. The identity is shaped mostly by comparison to others around us and the society we live in.

The truth is, even you don’t know who you truly are. But not knowing is the beauty of it. The less you know about something, the more possibility the subject has.

The only thing that prevents you to be a different person right now is your identification about yourself that is created and stored in nothing more than your own mind.

Read more about identification in ‘A Lean Mind’.

All the best,

Image by Javardh