Lens of Emotions

“We perceive everyone and every situation through the lens of our own emotions.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

Let’s talk about the Lens of Emotions.

We perceive everything through our senses; practically receiving nothing more than signals of visual, audio, somatosensory, gustatory, olfactory, vestibular, etc. systems. The real sensations and the whole experiences, however, are made by us in our own mind processes.

The state of mind completely affects the whole outcome of the perception. The mind state includes an emotional state linked to specific core beliefs.

Each sense that the mind will receive will be processed through this lens of the emotional state.

The same situation, therefore, can create completely different experiences in different people. To go even further; the same situation can create different experiences in the same person in different times dominated by different emotions.

This is a short explanation of the fact that when you have a dominant emotion at the time, everything that happens to you will trigger more of this emotion. When you are angry, everyone will try to make you angrier. When you are joyful, everything will taste sweeter. The truth is that the actions by people are not that different, but perceived differently by the mind – through the lens of emotions.

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Image by Paul Skorupskas