It’s All in Mind

“You live your life inside your mind.
It is not you who sees or hears,
it is your brain that processes signals
from the sensors in your body.
Everything that you think you
see, hear, feel, think, believe, and love
is a product of your mind.”

From ‘A Lean Mind’

Everything that you experience is only a product of your very own mind.

What we receive from the universe are nothing more than signals received through our body receptors. It is only data that is highly processed and transformed into visuals, sounds, and sensations by the mind.

Perception is indeed an interesting topic that takes a leading role in ‘A Lean Mind’.

P.S. It has been crazy 24 hours and I am overwhelmed by the reaction from you. I don’t remember exposing myself to this much attention before. However, your support overrides the anxiety of it. Thank you.

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