“Most interpersonal problems start with judgement.
Judgement in relationships comes from expectation
and identification towards other people.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

Think of any defective relationship you have, it doesn’t matter how close relationship it is. Look into it deeper.

What was the problem? Why did that problem occur?

When you ask enough ‘Why’ questions, you might realize that the problem comes from judgement, expectation or identification from each other.

What if we recalibrate our expectation from others and remove judgement completely? What if we look at everyone and just appreciate them as they are? Without expecting them to do anything, or without questioning why they do the things they do, and without defining them with adjectives.

Judgement is just our ego telling others how they live life is wrong. Whereas in reality, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. They are both creations of the ego.

Expectation is only trying to guess how others act. As we mostly guess incorrectly, the problems occur. What if we just accept others and manage how we act by focusing our attention towards us?

Identification is nothing more than defining who the other person is – before we even define who we are.

How would that change your relationships? Why not give it a try?

All the Best,

Image by Richard Lee