“The pain caused by the guilt is simply the rejection of what we are doing, where we are, what we did, and where we were; because one belief tells us that it is not good.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

Let’s talk guilt.

It is a more common feeling than we think. Good news is that it is very easy to notice. We can realize guilt right in the body.

As soon as you feel guilt, unless this is a situation where you actually commited a crime, ask your mind why you feel this emotion.

Deep down, guilt is nothing more than rejection of what you are doing or did, because inner police tells you that it’s against your values.

See if the guilt actually as a point or not. Sometimes, it might have a point, then you can take it as a constructuve feedback from yourself.

If it’s really not logical, how about letting it go?

All the Best,

Image by Isai Ramos