Who knows why I chose this colour for the cover of ‘A Lean Mind’?

Here’s why.

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“Joy is a good state to be in.
But it is not a life target to be joyful.
It is not an aim.
It does not exist as a result of anything.
It exists now as a possibility.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

As the humankind, we are so obsessed with finding ways to be happy that we never are.

It is time to put down the distance glasses and see what is right around us.

We are good in educating dogs. However, Humanity can learn few tricks from dogs.

Sending you joy,

Image by Patrick Assalé

Things You Haven’t Done

“When your time comes to leave this life,
Make sure not to regret the things
you have not done”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

More than 5% of 2021 has already passed. What have you not done yet that you wanted to?

In the end, what you didn’t do is what you regret.

Take this as a motivational reminder.

All the best,

Image by Anthony Delanoix

What is A Lean Mind?

What is A Lean Mind?

‘A Lean Mind’ was released over a month ago, and I didn’t really opt to have a launch event. So I thought it would be a good idea to create a video to talk about what it is about and what is in it.

I am overwhelmed by your support and feedback so far. I will keep doing my best to share some new ideas and inspiration through the social media.

I hope you enjoy this deep yet brief talk about the life, the universe, and the mind.

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“Confidence receives attention.
It invites attention.
Because cofidence is when a person
is not afraid of attention
but rather welcomes it
with open arms.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

When you are present, you will not let yourself be passive.

You will naturally be confident and embrace that you will enjoy every piece of life you have.

This is all you have, and this is your life.

Own your moment with all your unique and confident presence. Own it with all your body and mind. Own it with all your weaknesses and imperfections. Enjoy your moment.

All the best,

Image by Spencer Davis


“When we feel anger and we use it well, that gives us huge dignity.
When we feel fear and we use it well, it saves our lives.
When we feel shame and we use it well, it gives us humility.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

If you were happy all the time, you would not have a full human experience, would you?

All emotions are inside the source code of the mind for a reason. They all serve a purpose for you.

Human psychology is philosophically all about the soul’s dance with the mind’s emotions.

Therefore, to manage the mind, we must manage the emotions. Managing them is a tricky topic, but feasable with the right approach.

All the best,

Image by Ahmed Zayan


“Kindness is not something that people bring out from us.
It is what we decide to bring no matter what the situation is.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

When was the last time you made someone’s day with your kindness?

Kindness is infectious. Spread it.

All the best,

Image by Darya Kraplak

2nd Law and the Mind

“You are a part of a universal balance.
Everything that is out of your control happens in a way
that you will become an important part of this balance.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

The universe is fine with everything going on in it. It is a chaotic balance that goes on.

Are you fine with the universe existing the way it does – whether it is good or bad for you subjectively?

I talk a lot about the universe in my book. But chill out, It does not include asking anything from it. It is a combination of a nerdy and spiritual dive.

Read more about how the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics relates to our minds in ‘A Lean Mind’ (Link in Bio).

All the Best,

Image by Guillermo Ferla


“You have limited amounts of moments in which you are alive.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’


You have limited amount of moments in which you are alive through a human experience.

Make sure what you are doing is worth it.

We finished yet another year.

Make each moment of 2021 worth remembering.

Embrace the moment,

Image by Aaron Burden


“Uniqueness is an attibute of people
who choose to live life on their own terms.”

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

You are not born to follow. You are not a sheep. You are a human being.

You realize that many common thoughts of humans are nothing more than creations of people not smarter than you.

Are you brave enough to listen to your own wisdom? Are you tough enough to be unique?

Read more about uniqueness and how it is achieved in ‘A Lean Mind‘.

All the best,

Image by Nick Fewings

Merry Christmas

I hope the beauty of the meaning we add to Christmas will bring you joy, peace, and gratitude.

It was a challenging year. We deserve to push the brakes for a while to focus on the people that matter the most to us.

All the people we have, or had, that give light to us.

Most importantly, ourselves – As we mostly forget that one.

Therefore, remember to count everything you are grateful for, and remember to bring kindness.

Merry Christmas,


Love is inside you.
And anything that you admire will bring it out.
It is, all in all, an emotion that exists in the source code of the mind.
You can decide when you want to feel this emotion.

From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’

What are you willing to consciously bring love to?

Love is a solo dance. It is only yours.


You are connected to everything that exists and doesn’t.

As Rumi says; you are an entire ocean in a drop.

When you love something or someone, you simply love yourself.

Read more about the emotions and the source code of the mind in ‘A Lean Mind’.

Sending you love,

Image by Fadi