2021 Reading List Suggestions 3

To help you prepare your 2021 reading list, I continue to show my biggest inspirations from this year. Joe Dispenza’s ‘Becoming Supernatural’ was another book that blew my mind. He blends the mysticism and science in a perfect… Read More

2021 Reading List Suggestions 2

To help you prepare your 2021 reading list, I continue to show my biggest inspirations from this year. David R. Hawkins has been my biggest inspiration so far. Although his Power vs Force series can be tricky to… Read More

2021 Reading List Suggestions 1

To help you choose your reading list for 2021, I show you my favorite reads from this year. Gabby Bernstein is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to spirituality. I won’t deny that I was too… Read More


“Uniqueness is an attibute of peoplewho choose to live life on their own terms.” From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’ You are not born to follow. You are not a sheep. You are a human being. You realize… Read More

Merry Christmas

I hope the beauty of the meaning we add to Christmas will bring you joy, peace, and gratitude. It was a challenging year. We deserve to push the brakes for a while to focus on the people that… Read More


Love is inside you.And anything that you admire will bring it out. It is, all in all, an emotion that exists in the source code of the mind. You can decide when you want to feel this emotion…. Read More

Where the Time Flows

Let the past be your wisdom. Let the future be your intention. Let the present be your life. From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’ The reality is that there is no linear time. There is no past. There… Read More

Sadness vs Joy

Sadness completes joy,as it makes us realizewhat actually gives us joy. From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’ Sadness has value. Do not abuse sadness. All the emotions are complementary. Do not be afraid to be sad. Emrace it…. Read More

Live in Peace

“Make peace your standard emotion. Make it the home of your mind. Live in peace.” From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’ Aren’t the mighty mountains exposed to turmoil? How do they manage to stay this peaceful when tackling… Read More

It’s All in Mind

“You live your life inside your mind.It is not you who sees or hears,it is your brain that processes signalsfrom the sensors in your body.Everything that you think yousee, hear, feel, think, believe, and loveis a product of… Read More

A Lean Mind is Out Now!

Hi, I am thrilled to share the release of ‘A Lean Mind’ with you. A Lean Mind is a love letter from me to humanity – in a unique way. This is a book that strives to challenge… Read More

Change the World

“You cannot change the world alone. You also cannot change others. But you can change yourself and inspire others. And this can change the world.” From the Book ‘A Lean Mind’ These were the words that led me… Read More